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Tailored advice for your people.

Administering payroll is simple & easy with us

Our team is here to provide Human Resource support system for your business. We offer a tailored advice to help you with the fun, and not so fun, parts of managing and leading people. 

Our Human Resource expertise

Employee Handbook

Employment Contract

Cloud Software

HR Management System


Our Payroll Services includes, but not limited to the following accounting functions

Salary calculation based on overtime, bonus commision, allowances, and deductions

Salary payment to employees through bank transfers such as GIRO

Central provident funds (CPF) registration and timely monthly submission

Issuance of form IR8A for personal tax filings including statutory annual returns

Issuance of form IR8A for personal tax filings including statuory annual returns

More of our Human Resource Capabilities


Consultation on Grants

Performance Management

Employee Grievance

Consultancy and Advisory

Outsourcing Services

Software Customisation

Platforms we used

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